Tuesday, 7 March 2017

KĂžbenhavn [Copenhagen]

Ohhh... Finally I found the way and the time to come here in Scandinavia.
I choose Copenhagen for my holidays for two reasons:
1 – I live in Scotland so was easy and fast to arrive here,just 1 hour and an half by plane and we are here.
2 – Hans Cristian Andersen, yep, him, the amazing fairy tales writer that everyone of us loved, but let's speak after about him.

So, Copenhagen...
Let's see that in one week (the time I was here) you can see all the beautifull parts of the city and even have the time for a bit of relax.
And is little enough that is possible to visit evirithing by walk.

Let's see some of the things that I mostly appreciate of the city:

Christiania – The free city into the city:

The main entrance of the city
This is literally a free city inside Copenhagen called the green light district. Is the only place in Copenhagen where is possible to buy stuff that insted is not permitted. Yeah,like in Amsterdam.
But deeply we can define the free city like a community made from people who want to live in peace and are allowed to built their house just after being accepted from any person who live in the community.
Yes,you have to give something to the community like gardening skills or any skill who can improve the place.
A part of the walls of the free city
Unfortunately there is an high pressure from the government for have back the land of the city because there is a lot of building places but fortunately the inhabitants of the free city are fighting for keep the land.

So if you want to visit the city you must remember the three rules: don't run, don't steal and don't make pictures with people.

This is the first thing I noticed once arrived in the city.
Bicycle... a lot of bicycle that run around the city. I learned after few days that in Denmark there aremore bicycle than cars (almost the double).

Hans Christian Handersen [2 april 1805 – 4 august 1875]:

The real little mermaid
Yes. The master of fairy tales is a kind of danish hero.
His most famous tales are "the ugly duckling", "the little mermaid", "the steadfast tin soldier" and "the flying trunk" or at least these are my favorite.
Close to the sea is possible to see an huge statue of the little mermaid. Well, there is another close to the black diamond but is ugly and little and... No, only one is the one.

Handersen lived and died in a cute house close to the nyhavn that can be translated as new canal, exactly at 18 nyhavn where is possible to see a little museum/shop.
The legend say that Hans used to watch seaman that came back from their amazing travels and this ispired the writer for his books.

A statue of the writer is in the road of the same name close to the center.

Telia parken:

The Telia parken from inside
Yes. I'm a man so I like football and Telia Parken is the perfect place for have an easy approach with the scandinavian football... Well, we can be honest admitting that this is the only scandinavian team that can be considered famous... (Off course I don't want to offend anyone but you know... is true)

Where to sleep in the city:
I can say that I sleep in the sleep in heaven hostel. Is cheap but is quite good.
With an huge common room and a cheap breakfast.

Reception is 24/7 and every guest have their own lockers.

So. I can say that I really loved the city so I can suggest everyone to visit that. Just remember that can be bit expensive but at the end is affordable.

-the Tramp

Friday, 11 March 2016

How DON'T start a travel.

At the beginning, in the starting droop of the earlier stop of the travel, I was sure that I could label this few weeks as FAILURE but then, thinking about what i did and the people I met I can say that I made a lot of stuff and met a lot of people.
I think anyway that I should made a short list of tips for a general travel.

1 - Money:
The low-cost travel gurus will say that money are not really usefull for travel.
Well.I don't know wich experience they made but this cannot be said in a universal way.I mean.i was in England,one of themost expensive country of the world but I'm sure that even in other places you need a basilar budget.
I mean.i didn't left with zero money but I didn't considered any kind of extra emergency or similar.This costed me the untimely return to home.

2 - Essentiality:
This seems like foregone but I made this weeks with a really huge backpack and trast me, is difficult and useless sojust try to bring with you only what you really need.

3 - Planning:
You can always say that is better live the adventure but I'm pretty sure that a minimum of previous planning is ALWAYS a must. But i think that's me.I like to plan everithing. i don't like to follow the lucky.

Here we are.Hope this could be usefull for someone for a travel longer than mine

-the tramp

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bath - The roman city

The enter forthe baths
Bath, little town into the somerset is famouse for the only natural baths in the united kingdom.

Builded by Vespasiano, Then the romans fighted against Saxons that won but left the structures get spoilde because they didn't used but in recent times they were rebuilted and titled to the king and the queen.
Cathedral and buskers

Little digression about the multi-etnicity of England
In my path forbath I passed a town called Edington but the original name was Etahndun because at the beginning was a viking city but them losted against Saxons and then they was confined in other zones of UK.

In the united kingdom is possible to see the beauty of 3 principal cultures that walked on him however Saxons was able to defend their own native country against enemy with and hig lever of war knowledge.

But we should come back to bath:
One of the stuff that more surprised me about the city is the sport face.

Common sport
I think this is the only city where Rugby is more important than football

-the Tramp

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The tramp laws

The sum of the catastrophism
When in the same sentence there are rusks and cats is easy to think about perpetual motion that rewrited the phisic. The buttered cat engine of Murphy & Co.
However sometimes we can find this unlucky catastrophic structur even in fields that are not stictly connected with the daily life.
I think is possible to adapt this kind of structure to the travels.
This laws will be based of personal experiences of me and you that have the courage and the time to follow this madness.
Whoever had some kind of strange experience can contact me to organize this amazing document and everithing willbe published on here.

Law nr. 1: [Well know as law of the safe shelter] - The tramp
If you are sheltered and the weather is uncertain but you can choose to stay there or just pickup the then (that is quite better for a traveller) you can be sure that, if you choose to move, the uncertainty of the weather will drive to the worse.

-the Tramp

Monday, 22 June 2015

Stonehenge and the summer solstice

First time I saw Stonehenge.
While ancient times mankind watched at the sky with awe noting the magic that night after night and season after season happened in the star dominium.

With the science progress and the technology evolution we arrived to understand that magic was nothing and that everything is part of a perfect mechanism, However the history bring to us part of the wonder ever builded from mankind (...and maybe with some h-h-help, but is not this the place to speak about that). One of these is Stonehnege.

The astronomical solstice:
21st June the Sun reach the higher declination or rather the maximum high respect the equatorial parallel. Is the longer day of the year in our hemisphere.

Now. The Sun is stopped for 3 days, Just the time for the planet to invert the orbit momentum and then go to the winter again.

How is gonna work the night of the solstice in Stonehenge?:
Substantially the event is just one night stand from the 20th evening to 21st morning. During the night is a big party. There is people who dance inside the stone circle, there is druids that make... stuff and around 4 am gonna start some kind of blessing cerimonials (if you believe in that).
Then is gonna start the sunrise and then everyone to home.

The first sunrise after the solstice
Now. I liked the cerimonial part and the few ours later but I really hated the way people left the site in themorning. Like a landfill.

After i started the travel trough Bath when i suppose to arrive in few days

-the Tramp